PADI Worldwide


PADI - the Professional Association of Diving Instructors - is an esteemed international company that is dedicated to teaching the world to scuba dive. PADI is the world's largest scuba training organization and as such fosters a vast but closely tied community of divers and trainers. This client's goal starting in 2013, but ramping up drastically in 2016, was to catch up to the current digital climate by transforming their extensive library of learning materials to a scalable responsive platform for all mobile and web devices. 

My goal creatively was to work within our product design team to establish a cohesive and engaging digital product line and contribute to the PAD brand. 

This included the following: 

1. Redesigns - create comps and hone in a new look that would transition across various training programs. 

2. UX/UI Testing - work with marketing team to test layouts that resembled the new dive community mobile app that began production in 2017.

3. DAM System -implement and maintain a Digital Asset Management system to keep products organized and track quickly changing versions for internal and legal purposes.

4. Corporate Materials - keep teams motivated and engaged with a poster series and opportunity to donate to our affiliated non-profit organization. 


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